GEA 2K League Rules And Regulations 2020 Season



The Rules and Regulations of the Geekletes Esports Association are to regulate its championship, contracts and relations between teams, players, managers, scorers and referees. The regulations contained herein must be enforced equally on all members and be consistent with the Official Playing Rules. The regulations may be amended or suspended by a majority vote of the directors. The League Commissioner shall act in the best interest of Esports in the Geekletes Esports Association and has the authority to rule on any section of these rules and regulations.




Section 1. Official Playing Rules

The members of the Geekletes Esports Association shall contend annually for the championship of the league. Games shall be played under the Official Playing Rules. The league may adopt such playing rules, miscellaneous rules and referee rules as its commissioner or members may direct, not to conflict with the Official Playing Rules.


Section 2. Schedule

There will be a 6 week season to determine who will play for the pot put up at the end of the season. These games will take place starting Friday July 10, 2020 and continue every Friday for the next 6 weeks. No games shall be rescheduled unless there is a written agreement of both teams with written approval of the league commissioner, Danny Martin. 


Section 3. Championship Game

At the end of the 6 weeks, there will be a championship week where the top two teams will play for the set cash prize. The two teams with the best record will advance to play in the championship event while the other two teams will play for a third place prize. 


Section 4. Salary

Every player drafted into the GEA 2K League will be paid $50 for showing up on gameday. This $50 is untaxed and we will be providing the players with food while at the facility. There will also be bonuses paid to the winning team on top of being paid for showing up on time.



Section 1. Calling Games

The sole judge of arena playability prior to the game is the General Manager (GM) of the home team. The GM may delay the start or postpone the game. However, when a postponement would mean the scheduled game could not be made up, the consent of the league commissioner or in his place the referee-in-Chief is required. After the lineup cards are exchanged, the referee-in-Chief is sole authority involving the delay, resumption and postponement of the game.




Section 1. Effect on standings

If the referee-in-chief, the commissioner, or the commissioner  shall declare a game forfeited, that game shall count as a loss by the team at fault and a win by the opposing team.. The box score up to the point of the forfeit shall be included in the league records. If the team in the lead is declared the loser, the point guard of that team shall be charged with the loss and the point guard of the other team declared the winner.


Section 2. Reasons

A game may be forfeited for the following reasons:

  1. A team has used an ineligible player as determined by Geekletes Esports Association rules.
  2. A team leaves the Arena during a game.
  3. A team fails to present itself at the time and place of a championship game unless caused by an unavoidable accident in traveling.
  1. A team refuses to finish a game once started because of dissatisfaction with a ruling or rulings of the referee or any cause whatsoever.
  1. A team refuses to allow a legally appointed referee to officiate in a game to which he has been assigned.


Section 3. Penalties


Any team guilty of the provisions in this section shall be fined not less than $100.00 by the League commissioner, Danny Martin.




Section 1. Reasons

A game may be played under protest, provided the protest is based upon a violation of the rules and regulations of the league which permit it, or upon a referee’s misinterpretation or failure to comply with the Official Basketball Rules. No protest shall be considered that involves only the accuracy of a referee’s judgment and decision on a play.


Section 2. Time of protest

No protest will be entertained by the commissioner on a question of playing rules unless made by the manager or captain of the offended team at the time the play occurs–thus giving the referee a chance to reverse a decision in error without affecting the game. When the protest is officially filed with the referee-in-Chief, they shall immediately inform the Official Scorer who shall inform the spectators.


Section 3. Time and manner of filing

No protest shall be entertained by the commissioner unless it is filed within 24 hours after the game is finished. The manager or captain of the protesting team shall submit in writing to the commissioner the evidence or argument upon which the protest is made, after having given the referee and manager of the opposing team verbal notice at the time it was made. The commissioner shall render a decision within 5 days of the protested game. Each protest must be accompanied with a check for $20.00 made payable to the Geekletes Esports Association. If the protest is allowed, the money shall be returned.


Section 4. Action by commissioner

The decision of the commissioner may require the protested game be replayed on a date to be fixed by the decision–play beginning with the same players, if possible, at the time of the protest and the same game situation. The commissioner may also make such other dispositions of the protest as the facts may warrant.




Section 1. Eligible players

No player who is not under proper contract to an Geekletes Esports Association team may appear in a game in this league. Violation of this rule may subject the violating team to forfeiture of games in question.


Section 2. Ground rules

The manager of the home team shall have the right to establish the ground rules for his home arena, not to conflict with any Official Playing Rules. The ground rules shall be brought up for a thorough discussion and understanding with the managers and referees before the game. These ground rules must be on file with the league office prior to the start of the season.


Section 3. Lineup cards

A uniform lineup card shall be provided to each team and used by both teams in all games. The lineup cards shall contain the entire active roster of each team. The manager shall prepare three cards for each game; one for the referee-in-Chief, one for the opposing manager and one to keep.


Section 4. Passes

The commissioner is empowered to issue season passes granting admission to all league arenas, which passes shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the team in whose arena the passes are honored.


Section 5. Security

All games shall have at least one uniformed security person in the arena at all times the arena is open to the public.


Section 6. Uniforms

Both teams shall play each game in acceptable, identical professional uniforms, specifically pants (solid color or identical strip/piping), jersey tops, sleeve colors, caps and stockings. If jackets are worn, they must be that team’s team-issued jacket and in the same color as all other jackets. This rule shall be in effect upon entering the arena. The home team shall have the final decision as to the color of the jersey top to be worn by the home team for each game. Under no circumstances shall both teams wear dark colored jerseys for the same game. The home team shall be responsible for notifying the visiting team if it plans to wear a dark jersey top for any game.


Section 7. Public address system

No public address or loud speaking system, click effects, video or music shall be used to make any commentaries about players, fans, referees, managers or director which tends to hold any of the above to public ridicule. The offender shall be subject to a fine by the commissioner or ejection by the referee-in-Chief.


Section 8. Game times

Game times must be sent to the league office prior to the start of the regular season. Any change in game time during the regular season must be approved by the commissioner.



Section 1. Authority over referees

Referees shall be under the sole supervision and direction of the commissioner or his representatives, from whom they will receive all assignments for duty and instructions regarding the interpretation of playing rules. The commissioner shall prescribe a proper uniform which must be worn while officiating. Any Geekletes Esports Association referee is subject to removal at any time by the commissioner who has complete authority to fill all vacancies.


Section 2. Rules interpretation

Each season the commissioner or his representatives shall hold a rules interpretation meeting with the league referees and shall give them instructions as he shall see fit. Copies of any special instructions shall be available to any team which requests it.

Section 3. Reporting for games and substitutes

Referees shall report for games assigned at least one hour and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. In the event a referee is unable to officiate, the league must assign a Substitute.


Section 4. Ejections

Referees shall have the right to remove players, managers or other team personnel from the game for actions they feel warrant such action. Personnel so removed must remain out of sight from the playing arena and have no communication with their team. Any team personnel removed from the game by a referee may be fined, suspended, or both at the discretion of the commissioner.

Section 5. Assaults.

Any team personnel assaulting a referee or any referee assaulting any team personnel shall be disciplined at the discretion of the commissioner.




Section 1. Scorers

The league shall provide an Official Scorer to act as such at each game. It shall be the duty of the official scorer, under the direction of the league, to record all games during their progress, and immediately after each game, forward to the league statistician via electronic scorebook proven copies of the box scores. The commissioner may discharge the Official Scorer for failure to perform his duties in an appropriate manner. Any team personnel or player offensively questioning the Official Scorer regarding a scoring decision shall be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the commissioner.


Section 2. League Statistician

The league statistician shall be appointed from season to season by the commissioner. The statistician shall keep a full record of averages and results of all games and supervise Official Scorers.




Section 1. Roster size

The roster limit for an Geekletes Esports Association team is 7 players, with a minimum of 5. An additional player may be on the disabled list during the regular season. The active player roster limit must be met two days before the start of the regular season at 11:59 p.m.


Section 2. Definitions

  1. Season of Service: A season of service for Geekletes Esports Association players is 6 games.
  2. Rookie: A player with less than one (1) season of service.
  3. LS-1: A player with less than two (2) season of service.
  4. LS-2: A player with less than three (3) season of service.
  5. LS-3: A player with less than four (4) season of service.
  6. LS-4: A player with less than five (5) seasons of service. Two (2) of the six (6) LS-4 players may be an LS-5.
  7. LS-5: A player with less than six (6) seasons of service.
  8. Veteran: A player with six (6) or more Seasons of service.
  9. Amateur: A player who is participating in the league without being paid. No team may play a player who wants to retain his amateur status without league approval.


Section 3. Waiver rules

  1. If a team intends to release a player, he must be first placed on waivers. These waivers are irrevocable. Such player is immediately dropped from the team roster and the team is free to replace this player. If no team claims this player within 24 hours of first being placed on the waiver wire, he becomes a free agent. If more than one team claims a player, the team lower in the standings has first right to the player. If season has ended and player is placed on the waiver wire, overall standings will determine the order of selection.
  2. Claims on the waiver wire are irrevocable. All obligations to the player become the responsibility of the claiming team.
  3. A player contract being sold to a Major League organization for foreign league requires no waivers.
  4. It is the responsibility of the team to send waiver moves to the league office, to specify which type of waivers are being asked for each player in question, to maintain records to show all parties have been informed and designate a member of the staff responsible for waiver decisions.

Section 4. Salary cap

  1. The maximum compensation a team may pay its players in a single season is $1,000.00. Player compensation shall begin on opening day. Pre-season compensation shall not be counted against the cap provided a player is not paid for more than 3 days and his rate of pay is not more than his regular-season compensation. Playoff compensation is not counted against the salary cap. Such compensation shall not exceed the regular salary.
  2. No player shall be paid less than $20.00 per week. The minimum salary charged against the salary cap shall be $400.00 per month. Players classified as veterans must be paid at least $100.00 per month. Players paid by other sources will be charged at the minimum rate against the cap.
  3. For salary cap purposes, the highest paid player on the team will have only one-third the salary charged against the salary cap. The second highest paid player will have only two-thirds the salary charges against the cap.
  4. Vehicles. teams may provide vehicles for no more than five (5) players, without being charged against the cap. If any additional vehicles are provided, the team is required to deduct $200.00 per month from the players check. Vehicles are not intended for personal use and are provided only to assist players getting to and from the arena.
  5. Appearance Fees. teams are not required to pay player appearance fees. The player contract states, “player shall make public appearances at the request of the team at reasonable times and places as the team may desire.” However, if compensated for clinics or special appearances, a player is to receive no more than $25/hour. Teams shall keep records of all player appearances and fees. If questioned, a team may be asked to verify the appearances and fees.
  6. Housing. teams may provide housing for no more than five (5) players, without being charged against the cap. If any additional housing is provided, the team is required to deduct $300.00 per month from the players check. This does not pertain to host family housing.
  7. Violation of the salary cap shall result in a fine of not less than $100.00 per occurrence. If a team is in violation of the salary cap, that team is ineligible for post-season play.

Section 5. Time on active roster

Players released during the season may not return to that team for a period of ten (10) days.

Section 6. End of season roster

In the event a player under league contract is traded or sold to another league member after post season, that player may not return to the team that traded or sold that player at any time during the subsequent league season, unless that player first clears waivers. No roster moves may be made in the final ten (7) days of the season without league approval. The deadline shall be 12:00 p.m. CT. Players under control at that time will be those eligible for the playoffs. Players may be moved on and off the disabled list during the final ten (7) days provided disabled player list requirements are maintained. A 24-hour addition to the deadline for player moves will be recognized for the sole purpose of allowing teams to claim players put on waivers at the deadline. Players may be moved on and off the disabled list between rounds of the playoffs.


Section 8. Inactive List

If a player voluntarily announces his retirement or leaves the team, he may be placed on the Inactive List for the balance of that season and throughout the option season of his contract. Players must remain on the inactive list a minimum of thirty (7) days, during the championship season. The seven day period may begin no sooner than the first day of spring training. Players may be placed on irrevocable waivers and released from the inactive list. However, that player cannot return to that team until the seven day period has expired. No more than three players may be on a team’s Inactive List at any one time. The seven day minimum is retroactive to the last day the player appeared in a game. When a player declares he is no longer inactive, he becomes a member of the active roster of that team in seven days. Players on the Inactive List will not be counted as members of that team’s active roster. No team may provide any economic benefits to players on the Inactive List.


Section 9. Suspended List

The commissioner may assign players to the Suspended List, without pay, if he feels it is in the best interest of the league to disqualify a player from appearing in league play. Players on the suspended list will not be counted as members of that team’s active roster.


Section 10. Activating Coaches

Teams may place non-playing coaches on the active roster in the same fashion they may sign free agents. Before a player may be removed from the active roster and returned to non-playing status, he must clear Geekletes Esports Association waivers. These waivers are revocable and all rules concerning revocable waivers found in Article XI, Section 3, apply to returning coaches to non-playing status.


Section 11. Deadlines

Teams must notify its players by giving written notice of its intent to exercise the option in the standard player contract by December 21st. Copies of the written notice and/or return receipt must be sent to the league office.


Section 1. Front office

Each team must have a season-round front office operation with a full-time General Manager.


Section 2. Buyouts and ticket prices

No buyouts or “free” tickets are allowed for regular season games. The league must approve any sale of general admission tickets for less than $2.00 each.


Section 3. Official Notice of Player Disposition

All player trades must be in writing and signed by both teams and sent to the league office. Players going on the Inactive List must sign the Notice of Player Disposition and send it to the league office.


Section 4. Arena Personnel

No owner, stockholder, director or front office employee may become a manager or coach without prior professional experience as a manager or coach in the Geekletes Esports Association. Exceptions may be given by the league office.


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