Education Careers
Our program provides students with unprecedented insight from top experts on the best practices for not only esports, but also computer science, critical thinking, mathematics, engineering, and many other 21st century skills. There are over 50 colleges and universities that offer esports programs and over $15 million in available esports scholarships.
Competition Amateur
Esport gamers are increasingly looking for ways to set themselves apart from the pack and the most valuable tool they have is self-branding. The development of your personal brand in eSports is heavily influenced by your playstyle and online persona. Our proprietary platform, Esposure helps you build and maintain your brand so that you can maximize your exposure to the esports community. Use our platform to separate your everyday life digital media from your esports digital media by highlighting your videos, statistics, tournament wins, and prize pool dollars won in a single place.
Competition NBA2K G-League
Geekletes has chosen NBA2K as its’ first genre to invest heavily in the formation of a G-league. Our league provides the opportunity for gamers to elevate their competitive gaming skills to the next level. The league will provide the infrastructure and support for teams competing to become the BEST NBA2K G-League in the country. Geekletes provides the support systems and processes required to manage the season and the gamers
Art Entrepreneurs
Geekletes supports the entrepreneurial spirit of our esports community with our Affiliate Marketing Program. This community-centric approach to esports means that we understand and support your desire to get your side-hustle on! Tournament hosting is the newest and best side-hustle because it checks off severaldecision-making boxes:
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