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The original Geekletes location was a repurposed loft in Downtown Dallas, TX affectionately called “The Dojo.” We had a photography area, podcast room, gaming arena, and spectator overlook – all in a 2,000 square foot space. From 2015-2019, we compiled 2K teams which consisted of many individuals who now play in professional 2K Esports franchises.


With the high demand of professional Esports opportunities, Geekletes outgrew its original location and moved to a 15,300 square foot headquarters located in DeSoto, Texas in 2019. This space has allowed Geekletes to expand its ecosystem,  integrating Esports education, career opportunities, and competition into one environment. With our DeSoto headquarters and an exclusive gaming arena located in Fort Worth, Texas, we use our spaces as incubators for highly scouted Esports talent. Geekletes has provided opportunities for numerous players to enter the professional gaming league with several additional individuals having positions as Brand Ambassadors, international gaming photographers, and other roles with some of the best franchises in the industry.

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