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Esposure by Geekletes is our proprietary esports platform developed by and for the competitive gaming community.   This platform supports our belief that esports should be open, inclusive, and exposed to everyone regardless of their e-athletic ability.

Geekletes is developing the future of Esports by widening the community beyond gamers and enthusiasts to include programs that are attractive to all STEM educators, students of all ages, community organizers, families and more.

For Gamers

our subscription-based model offers you the ability to create your online EPK (electronic press kit) so that you can manage your Brand.  By joining our Affiliate Marketing Program, you will receive access to our platform to create your dynamic portal that can be used to showcase your e-athletic abilities as well as expand your marketability and visibility.

For Hosts

our subscription-based model offers you your very own business center so that you can create and market your own esports tournaments for profit.  You will receive access to our platform to create your own marketing portal for your hosted tournaments as well as a business center for recruiting and training other hosts.

By joining our Affiliate Marketing Program, your monthly subscription offers the following opportunities:

  • Educate – learn how to become a successful tournament host and make additional income in your spare time. Learn from the best professional tournament hosts!
  • Access – take advantage of online direct access to market your tournament to our Gamer affiliates. Learn how to develop your EPKs from our professional content creators!
  • Reach – you will receive your own host portal that can be used to market your tournaments by linking to your social media accounts. Learn how to develop effective marketing campaigns from our professional sales & membership team!
  • Profit – your membership allows you to make extra money in your spare time by recruiting and training other tournament hosts in our program. Your membership also allows you the use of our venue to host your tournaments -you bring the gamers & we provide everything else.  You work hard to bring the gamers so you should keep the profit!

For Companies

our subscription-based model allows your company to market your esports venue and services on our Esposure platform.  You will have the ability to directly market to the community that matters – esports.   The process is simple – enroll in our Affiliate Marketing Program and you can create your company portal.  Use this portal to market your esports venue or services to our affiliate gamers and tournament hosts.  You can post your venue availability so that affiliate hosts can schedule tournaments during your open availability.  You can market your tournaments to affiliate gamers who can join and increase your active participation.  You can market your product, services and/or venue to companies and organizations that directly engage in the esports industry.  No more marketing to the general public in hopes that your esports opportunity lands on the right social media page at the right time.  It’s always the right audience and the right market on Esposure!

For Sponsor Organizations

our subscription-based model allows your organization to maximize your available esports sponsorship dollars.  You will have unlimited access to our Esposure application that unlocks the EPKs for some of the best amateur esports players in the world.  The process is simple – enroll in our Affiliate Marketing Program and you will receive access to Esposure where you can create your organization portal.   Use the portal to market your sponsorship opportunities to our affiliate gamers who can then respond to youwith their EPKs for your consideration.  No more fielding direct message requests from eager gamers/teams vying for your sponsorship dollars.  No more scrambling to find the esports qualifications of candidates by combing through various social media platforms that contain information that is non-essential to your sponsoring efforts.  The EPKs on Esposure are all about esports and e-athletic qualifications and capabilities – nothing else!

For Freelancers -Coming Soon

Enter the world of Esposure to market your freelance esports services to include:

  • Content Creation
  • Audio/Visual production
  • Shoutcasters
  • Production Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Educators
  • Speakers/Panelist
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